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Amber Rayne, Alexa Von Tess

Amber Rayne, Alexa Von Tess


Amber Rayne, Alexa Von Tess

Amber Rayne has been wanting to play with Alexa Von Tess for a long time, to tie her up and fuck her with her strapon. She goes full speed right out of the starting blocks, placing Alexa in a very tough bondage position and flogging her mercilessly. The position in fact proves too much for Alexa and she begins to pass out as she has a big orgasm, so Amber takes pity on her and scales it down a little. She ties her bitch down on her back, exposing her mouth and cunt for her to play with. She smothers Alexa’s face while fucking her pussy with the samurai electrode. Now it’s Amber’s turn to pound her slave’s snatch with a strapon in doggy.

“Quickly as you can, snatch the pebble from my hand.” The young Caine tries and fails. “When you can take the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave. -Master Kan [Kung Fu TV Series]

I think Grasshopper Amber has just snatched the pebble from Chanta’s Hand with installment from Twisted Factory.

I just can’t wait to see what’s in store for Twisted Factory’s new fuck toy Alexa Von Tess, my mouth water’s at the thought of her cute self being verbally used, and abused by Berlin, while being taught Twisted Factory vocabulary and etiquette, Topped by Harmony, and really taught what a real Domme is about by Chanta. Alexa’s answers maybe LA Born for Porn now but her schooling has begun.

— Madgrad

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ArielX, Amber Rayne

ArielX, Amber Rayne


ArielX, Amber Rayne

Ariel X has no respect for pussy and does not feel the need to apologize. She also thinks her day with Amber will be all about “butt sex” as she so eloquently puts it. In order to learn to respect pussy, Amber will punish Ariel’s until she can take no more, and then, she will fuck her ass. Weighted clamps hang from Ariel’s labia, her chest is flogged and her face slapped. Amber makes it very clear that she is in charge. In a spreadeagle tie, Ariel’s ass is spanked until red. Her nipples are clamped and an orgasm is torn from her swollen cunt. With a giant acrylic plug in her ass, Ariel’s mouth is used to pleasure her Dom. Amber smothers her face and cums hard. In doggy, Ariel’s prediction becomes a reality and her ass is pounded with hard, long strapon cock. In the end she apologizes but Amber is merciless and uses the cattle prod on her anyhow, as penance for making her work so hard!

Fantastic shoot. Well done Amber and Ariel. I see great promise in Amber as a dom! 🙂

5 Stars

— Ashantai

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