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Charlotte Vale

Charlotte Vale


Charlotte Vale

Charlotte Vale is late for her first lesbian domination. Her day at the Twisted Factory begins with painful electroshocks on her ass, hard strapon fucking and flogging. Fear of what’s to come is slapped into this collared lifestyle submissive. Finally Charlotte Vail is punished with 1 whipping for every one of the 19 minutes she arrived late. She’s tied down on the stretch rack and her cunt is abused, she’s had all day to look forward to this painful ordeal.

We find Charlotte to be very “real,” and her reactions to the bondage and the beatings to be all the more sexy. We find her little tummy and her pierced nipples to be very erotic as well. We look forward to seeing her again, perhaps at the mercy of Amber or Berlin (who did a great scene with Charlotte recently somewhere else).

— flacpl

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