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Daisy Strong, Berlin

Daisy Strong, Berlin


Daisy Strong, Berlin

Delilah Strong is famous and infamous, and deservedly so. It turns out she has a hot sister, Daisy Strong that also is into porn! So Berlin gets Daisy to the Twisted Factory classroom to teach her some S&M games. Slutty Daisy’s shirt is ripped open to reveal her full breasts, her panties are stuffed in her mouth, and clamps are applied to her tits. The pain of her first flogging makes Daisy whimper, but as Berlin gives her her first forced orgasm, she finds strength in the anticipation of such a beautiful reward. In tight bondage Daisy is abused physically and mentally. Berlin expertly slaps her bitch and brings her close to the edge. The Samurai electrostim deep into her cunt push her further. Before being strapon-fucked, Daisy’s mouth is put to use licking her Mistress’ toes and licking her pussy and ass.

Give me a link to try the flash thing. I don’t think my drunk ass is doing it right now. I have hot Berlin and some other hot woman doing things, and I don’t think it’s f;ash.

— Wookie

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