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Lorelei Lee

Lorelei Lee


Lorelei Lee

We held back on publishing this movie for over a year. This is one of the most intense and unique harsh BDSM episodes we have ever shot or witnessed. Lorelei Lee finds herself in strict suspension bondage, viciously slapped and shocked, and masterfully taken through a whole spectrum of emotions by Chanta Rose. Her body is punished with spanking, whipping and tight bondage; her cunt lips are abused with heavy clamps; and her ass is fucked hard and deep by Chanta’s large strapon cock. Finally Lorelei is ordered to worship Chanta’s feet if she wants to be invited back for more.

Thank you Chanta for tying Lorelei up on that X cross, she looks so fantastic in such poses! But why is that bondage fetishists always make sure there is a rope or chain in the way when they are going to cane their butts? Still, you managed to place a few lovely deep pink stripes on her butt. Lorelei is so sweeeeet, with her sincere fright, after all these years. How can one not love her? The final scene with her running and you chasing was indeed funny and original. A super, 7 stars shoot.

— frants

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