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Sabrina Fox, Berlin

Sabrina Fox, Berlin


Sabrina Fox, Berlin

The truth is Sabrina Fox has a big snatch. Berlin will prove that Sabrina’s lovely cunt can take it all. Sabrina is warmed up with some tit torture before being tied down to the examination table for some shocking orgasms as her pussy is spread with electrified forceps. Her mouth is pried open with a dental gag, then she is fisted by Mz. Berlin’s skilled hands. Her cunt is spread some more with a speculum. Now it’s time for some good old-fashioned strapon fucking, first in doggie, and finally in a tough suspension.

WOOOW!!! i think I love Berlin too!!! all levity aside, that was brilliant. I too am a southern girl and we are steel magnolias. Rock on Ladies. Excellent Shoot;>

— Serin

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